Will a cremation urn cause my house to be haunted?

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When we we use the word haunt we conjure up images of scenes from movies like, well, The Conjuring. This is not what most people are worried about. Most people are concerned that there loved one will stick around and perhaps cause disturbances in the house.

There are two schools of thought. The first is that the deceased like to hang around their remains and don’t completely let go of the body in which case they are hanging around cemeteries and wherever the cremation urn is. Some people do believe that souls can get attached to earthly things. For example, there are many accounts of people who buy antiques swear that they have experienced strange activity in their home after bringing a particular piece of furniture into the home and when they get rid of it, the activity ceases.

The second is that spirits go where they want and if they visit, it is simply because they want to check up on you because they still love you; in which case it makes no difference if you display cremation urns in your home.

If we go with the theory that spirits do either visit the earthly plane or stick around after they cease to use their corporal body, then it could be argued that yes, we can be “haunted” by them.

But spirits who love us such as friends or family would never do anything to scare us. If they are around, they would just be here every once in a while to say Hello to you. In fact many people say they believe they've experienced the presence of a loved one around and they feel a strong sense of contentment and peace.

No matter what belief you walk away with, there are options for cremation urns for ashes. You can display them in a prominent place of respect in your home, you may inter them in a cemetery as you would a traditional burial, or scatter their ashes.

This writer believes that it is love that keeps us connected to our loved ones who pass on to a new life and visa versa.


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