Lighting the way with a Candle Urn

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If you would like to light memorial candles in honor of your loved ones by their urns, then a candle urn will do both. It has an area or space on the urn where you can place a candle. These most commonly hold tealight candles.


The practice of lighting candles for our loved ones has been ordinarily practiced in many religions, as well as spiritual paths for centuries. This ritual is used to honor someone, pay them tribute, and keep the memory of them alive. It has also long been used as a means of providing aide and a sense of comfort to those who are grieving process. In many Christian religions, it is believed that lighting candles invites and asks for the light of God to be with a loved one, as well as those who are in the midst grieving. In the Jewish faith, a Yahrzeit candle is lit once a year on the anniversary of a death, and left to burn for 24 hours, ensuring that they are remembered. Still others feel that candles lit shortly after someone dies helps light the way for them to pass from the physical to the spiritual realm. Regardless of the underlying reasons as to why you may want to use a candle urn, it is important to be mindful of safety, as well as regulations if you will keep the urn in a cemetery.


If you plan on keeping a cremation urn in your home, you may choose to use real or battery operated candles. You should be aware of where you keep the candle urn, especially if you have pets or children who live in or visit your home. If you plan on placing the urn outdoors or in a cemetery, you might opt for either battery operated or solar powered candles.


If the urn is being kept in a cemetery niche, be sure to ask about their rules regarding real candles. If you are keeping the urn outdoors on private or public property, remember that in most cases, wildlife might be attracted to the light or heat a real candle might generate. It is always best to real candles outdoors only if there is a receptacle made especially for burning candles such as a grave light.


When at home you should of course make sure you are in attendance with it at all times, and where no one or any pet can knock it over or get burned. Battery operated tealight candles will certainly last longer if you do not keep them lit on a continual basis. However, there are many places in which you can purchase disposable battery operated tealight candles in bulk at a modest price.


If you want the candles to stay lit for longer periods, without worrying about turning them off, solar powered candles may be a better choice. Although they will last a lot longer, they may not shine as brightly or even at all due to lack of adequate sunlight. It is really a matter of where the urn is kept, as well as all of the other things already discussed that may help you decide on a particular type of candle.


Lighting the way for your loved one, paying them tribute, keeping their memory alive, as part of your religion or spiritual path, or to aide in the grieving process are all some of the great reasons to purchase a candle urn.



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