Going Green with Environmental Friendly Biodegradable Urns

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biodegradable urns for ashes


For those who are doing what they can to go green in order to help protect and preserve the environment, biodegradable urns are the wave of the future. A biodegradable urn can safely be buried, or used for releasing ashes into waterways. These types of urns are made of various types of materials, such as recycled or hand-made paper, bamboo, and sand, among other materials that disintegrate without disrupting or harming the environment. If you are someone who has take steps to go green in other areas of your life, you may want to per-order a biodegradable urn, discuss this with loved ones, or put your wishes in writing. Certain types of these urns are specifically made for burial, while others are made for release in water, so it is equally important to talk about cremation and the type of urn you want as it is to decide where you want your remains to be placed.

For those of you who may want to have your ashes buried, there are many options. If you have a special place where there are trees, you can instruct others to bury the urn at the base of your favorite tree, as long as it is on private property, or where this is allowed. Another option is to create a small memorial garden in which to place the urn. This can help your loved ones cope with your death during their grieving process and beyond. Such gardens can be as simple or elaborate as desired, using different types of plants, flowers, a tree, a bench, garden stones, a fountain, and other decorations. These items can be changed or added to, as space, money, and tending allow. Not only can this be therapeutic, it serves to honor and remember the life of the person or persons buried there. If the garden is not possible, digging a small hole in which to place the urn under a tree is a more simplistic approach. Again, it is important to stress that this should be done on private property, and not in public areas, such as a favorite park. Although this is certainly easier, it can still become a place where your loved ones can reflect on your life, and grieve in a unique way. Adding a small bench or a few outdoor chairs in front of the tree give others a peaceful place to remember you. The possibilities for burying ashes in biodegradable urns are endless.

Burial at sea, or in any other waterway needs to be approached with legalities in mind. Some waterways require permission to disburse ashes, even though the urn and ashes will not harm the environment. It is important to discover If it requires a permit or some type of permission, and you must be sure that you have that supporting document on hand when the water release occurs. If there are restrictions for one waterway, it is advisable to have a few other available options that may not require special permissions, or where permits are more easily attainable. Choosing where you want your ashes to go, and planning accordingly will make the process much less stressful for your loved ones, and leaves no doubt as to what to do with your ashes. The more that you can plan ahead of time, the better it will be for whomever you entrust with your last and final wishes. Biodegradable urns are the wave of the future, especially for those with concern for the environment. Conversations about this topic can be difficult, especially for those who find it too distressing or uncomfortable. Regardless of whether or not your loved cannot or will not discuss it, or even if they do, it is always preferable to express your wishes in written form. This relieves others from guessing what you may want, including being cremated, what type of urn you want, and where you would like the urn placed. With more options available than ever before, along with increased concern for the environment, biodegradable urns hold many possibilities for a wide array of desires.

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