Rose Pink Cloisonne Flowered Urn for Ashes
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Pink Etienne Cremation Urn

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Pink Cloisonne Etienne Urn

The Rose Cloisonne Urn is a brass urn that is adorned with the ancient technique of cloisonne which is enamel paint in between copper trim hand placed on the urn.

Brass trim on the lid, bottom and around the neck of the urn give it an elegant look.

The Rose and pink colored Peony and other beautiful flowers on the entire urn. 

  • Threaded Lid for a Secure Seal

Brass is a sturdy metal made from 90% copper and 10% zinc. It is extremely durable and when polished gives off an attractive gold tone.

Brass is much less expensive than bronze to manufacture and can be cast to any shape, therefore has become a very popular metal used in the cremation urn industry.

Most our brass urns have painted or enameled finishes and some have nickel plating to show a silver tone finish. They are also many times etched by hand with floral or leaf designs right into the brass itself

  • Dimensions are H 10.7" W 7.2" D 7.2"
  • Capacity of 200 cubic inches (Up to 210 weight