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Passage Purple Hand Made Ceramic Urn

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Purple Ceramic Sculpture Urn

The Amber Yellow Ceramic Passage Sculpture Urn is a cremation urn that has a place for a tealight memorial candle sit. This urn is not just a cremation memorial vessel, it is a sculpture.

It is crafted by skilled artisans using molds to replicate the original by the artist.

This urn is made in Bulgaria. 

  • Hand made to order. 10 day.
  • Ceramics Urns are made by mixing clay and various powders, with water. There are several technique for making ceramic urns. Potter’s wheel, molds, or sculpted. They are fired in a kiln and then painted and glazed and put in the kiln again. The firing technique is thousands of years old and still used today.
  • Dimensions: 11.6" tall, 8.6" wide, 5.7" deep

  • This urn capacity is 195 cubic inches (holds ashes for someone who weighed up to 200 pounds)

It is a bottom opening urn with a ceramic threaded stopper that we suggest sealing it with glue once ashes are placed.