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Biodegradable Sand Beach Urn with Footprints

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Footprints in the Sand Biodegradable Urn.

This urn is perfect for both water burial and ground burial. It is composed of a combination of real beach sand and a vegetable-based gelatin, Coating it with real sand makes the experience truly a beach-ocean related memorial service.

Included is a water-soluble bag which hold the cremains. 

If used in a water burial, the urn will float then sink and biodegrade.

If used in a ground burial biodegrading time will vary depending on the conditions such as how dry or wet the ground is.

  • Dimensions: 8.86" high x 6.89" diameter
  • Capacity: 200 cubic inches (Up to 210 pounds pre-cremation weight.)
  • Urn weight: 5 pounds